A New Year Has Begun

Happy 2018! This year starts off rather different than last year at this time. Last year, my husband and I decided to give our marriage one more try. We had separated the previous year for about a month and and a half. During that time, things weren’t always the best. It was difficult handling everything on my own. I wasn’t confident in my ability to take care of everything properly without him there. So I agreed to one more chance at saving “us”. We have two daughters and the last thing I ever wanted was for them to deal with their parents divorcing. I myself am a child of divorce. Growing up it was never easy being labeled that. You see, in the 70’s and even some of the 80’s people were not as understanding and forgiving of single parents and their children. We were looked down on. Although that experience was very difficult to go through, today I can honestly say it has made me the woman I have grown to be. My daughters are now beginning that same journey. Last year, after 6 months of couples therapy and trying to figure out how to make our marriage work, my husband and I decided that divorce was the only option. My daughters took the news surprisingly well.  I think they were actually relieved. The environment we were raising them in was not quite ideal. Now they had the chance to start fresh and live a happy life. I agreed that the home we shared was too much for me to handle on my own. So right before Thanksgiving, I bought a house and moved in with my girls. This was a HUGE step for me. Taking on the responsibility of a home and everything that entails running it. But I was up for the challenge and my girls were right there with me. We had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at our new house along with my now ex-husband. He and I are cordial to each other and I didn’t want to deny him the chance to spend some time with our children. Now that the holidays are over, the real work begins. I gave up on New Year’s resolutions a few years ago. I felt they just added unneeded stress to my life. I do start off the new year clearing clutter and working on making my life even more stress free than it was the previous year. This year will have even more meaning and hard work at making this a reality. The home I bought is perfect but I call it my “diamond in the rough”. It does need some work. Nothing major but it does need some fine tuning to make it perfect for us. I will try and do better at keeping up with my blog this year also. As I begin this new chapter in my life, I hope that maybe someone is also on the same journey and I can be there to show them that it’s going to be ok. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! 🙂


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